mercoledì 25 marzo 2015

Chichibio and the crane - part 2

From Decamerone (1349-1351) by Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375),

the novel “Chichibio and the crane”

part 2

When sitting at the table, Sir Corrado realises quicky that the crane has one thigh missing.
 That startles him. He then summons Chichibio and ask him what happened with the other thigh. Chichibio respond immediately “ but Sir Corrado, the crane only have one thigh because they only have one leg..” Sir Corrado then responds: “all right then,let’s see tomorrow, and if it is not like you said, you will receive so many blows that you will never forget!” the next morning after dawn, Sir Corrado, still very upset saddle the horses and called Chichibio. Together , they go near a river where they usually can find cranes. Sir Corrado says: “ now let’s see which one of us lied last night”

                                                                           translated by IsabelleWanlin Hocquet